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Nov 17 Top Flight 3 On 3 Junior Basketball League at NIST Is Coming Soon!!!!!

Benefits of playing 3 on 3 leagues

3 on 3 league will become an Olympic Sport in 2020

It is unavoidably true that 5 on 5 basketball game is more fun and exciting when watching. However, it is also because 5 on 5 basketball games has been involving with players or basketball lovers for past years. It is sure that if 3 on 3 basketball league becomes Olympic Sport in the future, 3 on 3 games will become famous similar to 5 on 5 these days. 

Here are the 4 reasons why young players would love to join 3 on 3 basketball games

1. Players Have the Ball More

There are 2 players lesser on 3 on 3 basketball game than a 5 on 5 games

To simplify, let’s say that the game is 40 minutes and a player plays the entire game. Half of that game is spent on defense and the other 20 minutes is spent on offense. Plus there are 4 other teammates, so 20 minutes divided by 5 players is 4 minutes each. So in a 40-minute game, a player only has the ball in his or her hands for 4 minutes total.

2. Fast Paced

3-on-3 is a surprisingly fast-paced game because it is played in the half-court and players simply have to take the ball out of the net and take it back over the 3 point line before trying to score.

The fast pace of the game makes it a lot of fun as compared to some of the 5-on-5 games that can become boring and stagnant with a slow tempo or teams sitting in zone defenses or whatever.

3. More Space

Again, with only 6 players total on the court as compared to 10 in 5-on-5, there is more space to operate on the court.

More space allows young players to do more, and possibly more importantly, try some more things that as they improve they can then take to the 5-on-5 game. And like with 2, having more space to play makes the game often times more fun!

4. Learn Basic Basketball Movements

3-on-3 basketball is a great teaching tool for basic 5-on-5 movements and skills. Often times in 5-on-5, the main offensive operation is performed by only 3 players. For instance, a pick and roll with the 3 players on the ball/strong side or a pass and screen away are some of the most common movements in basketball, so 3-on-3 works to help players perfect them.

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