Top Flight BasketBall Academy

Jan 20 BJBL 2018 FAQ’s

Dear Parents and Students,

We are less than one month away from the return of Bangkok's finest community basketball league, The BJBL. 

Parents please check above this year’s schedule and note that the times have changed since last season.

This season the league will consist of 10 high-intensity training sessions and scrimmage matches, 5 official division games, and the end of the season tournament. We are very excited for this season!

Registration is open now on our website or you can click on the links below to register. 
We also thought it might be helpful if we provided you some answers to some frequently asked questions that we typically get before Assessment Day on (February 11, 2018.)



Q: 1. Can my child play in an older/younger division than their age? My child's friends/siblings are in an older/younger division. We also have timing issues that would make it easier for our child to play at a different time.
Can my child play in a different age division ? 

A: Unfortunately the answer to this question is NO. Parents must register their child for the age appropriate division. (Parents please be prepared to show proof of age on assessment day; birth certificate, school registration documents).  We will strictly be enforcing age groups this year. We understand that students may enjoy playing with their friends or siblings or that the timing may work better for you as parents if your child plays in a different division, but we  believe it is very important that children are competing against other players their age, in order to have a fair and balanced league.
On assessment day Coach Ike and the Top Flight staff may move certain players up one division if we feel they are of a more advanced skill level than other kids in the division. 
As parents you reserve the right to refuse your child being moved up for any reason (timing, disagree with the assessment, etc). In these cases you will be given a full refund of your registration fees if you disagree with our assessment. 
Q: 2. If my child misses a session can I have a partial refund or make-up class for missed classes? What if my child is injured can I receive a partial refund?
A: Because the BJBL is a community league and registration fees are highly discounted, we do not offer refunds for missed sessions or makeup classes no matter the cause; injuries, illness, etc. Please have a close look at the scheduled dates for the season before registering. 
Q: 3. When are the game days during the season? 
A: We never announce the official game days, we have found that in the past when we announced official game days, there was a tendency for players to miss training sessions or not take them as seriously. We want to ensure maximum participation from our players every week, which makes for a better experience for everyone. There will be 5 official game days during the course of the regular season, although we will play scrimmage games very week of the season. The regular season games will be controlled scrimmages designed to reinforce what was taught in that weeks training session. The 5 official game days will be four 8-min quarters complete with clocks, referees, score table. On game days children that regularly attend sessions will be given an equal amount of playing time. Students who do not attend sessions regularly may be penalized with less minutes on game days.
Q: 4. Can my child play on the same team with their friend/sibling?
A: For the most part team selections are based on our coaches assessments of each players ability. Team formations are based with one aim in mind: to make divisions as balanced as possible to ensure a better experience for all of the players in the league. We try to encourage our players to make new friends and learn how to work with their teammates during the course of the season.
Q: 5. My child is a beginner will the league be suitable for him/her if they do not have much experience playing basketball?
A: Yes, the BJBL is perfect for beginners and experienced players alike. All of the coaches on our staff are trained professionals and experienced in working with students of all skill levels. Our aim is to ensure all students have a memorable, and enjoyable experience. Beginners should not be intimidated to join, the league has an even mix of beginners, intermediate and advanced skill level players.
Q: 6. How do I register for the league? Is it possible to register in-person on assessment day?
A: Although it is indeed possible to register in person at NIST, we encourage all students to register online to secure their place in the league. Registrations are done on a first come first serve basis, with only limited spots in each division.
This year we have capped registration at 80 players per division (6-8 teams per division, 10 players per team). Once the 80 player limit has been reached, players will be placed on a waiting list on a first come first serve basis. We strongly you suggest you register as soon as possible as spots are filling up quickly this year.
* We are receiving many new registrations everyday. Please register as soon as possible to secure your place in the league.
Q: 7. What kind of clothes should my child wear for BJBL?
A: For the Assessment Day on February 11, we ask our players to wear shorts, t-shirt and basketball shoes/sneakers. The official BJBL uniforms will be provided before the 1st official game day.
Q: 8. When is payment due? Do we have to pay on the first day (February 11, 2018) or can we pay at another time during the season?
A: Registration fees are due on assessment day. Please bring cash or proof payment with you on assessment day. Unfortunately we will not be able to accept registrations until payment is made.
Q: 9. What time should we come on the Assessment Day? 
A: Please check the attached time table that shows the times for each divisions / age groups. 

Please be informed that the registration is now open for the current session of The Top Flight Weekend Academy Sessions at NIST. The weekend program is the perfect compliment to the BJBL in that the focus of the academy is individual skill development where the BJBL focuses more on team play. Every year the players that excel the most in the BJBL are players that participate in the Top Flight Weekend Academy.


We are looking for volunteer parents to coach a team during the whole 2018 BJBL season (February 11,-May 25, 2018).
If you are a parent who loves the game of basketball and would like to learn from our professional coaching staff we would love to have you join our team. 

Registration Fees are FREE for parents who take the responsibility of coaching a team ALL season. 
In a addition to FREE registration for your child, parent coaches will receive an official Top Flight coaches uniform, Top Flight coaches manual, FREE registration to ALL Top Flight Coaches clinics in 2018, and a 10% discount on all Top Flight Programs for 1 year (February 2018-February 2019).
This is a great opportunity for parents who would like to learn more about the game of basketball and be involved in their child's development.
We are also in need of "Parent Volunteers" to assist us with various responsibilities during the course of the season, responsibilities that include: scorekeepers, table officials, communications team, and photographers.

* In order to qualify for FREE registration for your child and discounts parent coaches must attend at least 10 of the regular season sessions and the end of season tournament. 
Registration fees are refunded to the parent coach on the LAST day of the season. If the parent coach has not attended the minimum number of games no refund is given (no partial refunds)..

As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

We are very looking forward to The 2018 BJBL Season!!
Best regards,
The Top Flight Team