Top Flight BasketBall Academy

May 3 BJBL 2017 Tournament Dates

Dear Parents and Students, 

We are very proud to announce the dates for the BJBL Tournament this month.

The BJBL tournament is always a very special day for coaches, players and their families, a day filled with excitement and fun for everyone involved. We can't wait for this years tournament!!

Please see the attached tournament  schedule below and study it very carefully to confirm the date and time of your child's tournament day. We would hate for your child to miss their tournament date or come to NIST on the wrong date, so please pay extra careful attention to the schedule and make note of the day and time that your child will have their tournament day.

Parents please note that the last regular season BJBL session will take place on Sunday May 7, 2017.

As always for any questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

See you next Sunday May 7, 2017 for the next BJBL session.

Best regards,

The Top Flight Team